Archive | July, 2013

Psychiatric Emergencies: Overactive Patients

Overactive patients are classified as belonging to psychiatric emergencies which are considered a serious disturbance of behavior, thought and personal affect that makes susceptible individuals unable to effectively cope with life situations and interpersonal relationships. Overactive patients are an important concern of the ED personnel and is further determined whether the individual is at risk […]

First Aid Training Tips for Burns

With summer in full swing and numerous reports of fire related injuries rising, some first aid training is important to ensure that we know what to do in case of emergencies and also to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Summer often brings the uncomfortable sunburn. People are also more prone to burn or scalding […]

First Aid for Broken Bones

Broken bones and fractures are injuries that need immediate medical attention. Aside from the trauma of bones breaking or fracturing, there are several other symptoms that might manifest. First Aid and CPR courses will teach you what to do to help someone with a broken or fractured bone. Steps in Administering First Aid for Broken […]