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MEASLES Causes and Symptoms

Measles is a viral disease that is very contagious and it spreads through the respiratory tract either directly or through aerosol transmission. Ninety percent of people who don’t have immunity to the virus causing measles have the possibility of catching it if living with an infected person. It usually begins with a fever for how […]

Dizziness: Types, Causes, Symptoms, When to Call a Doctor & Treatment

Dizziness refers to spatial perception and stability impairment. Dizziness can pertain to a wide variety of symptoms, thus it can refer to any one of its four types, which will be further discussed later. And because dizziness can pertain to many things, causes can also vary greatly from person to person. Almost everyone has experienced […]

Hyponatremia: Types Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hyponatremia, low sodium levels in the body, may lead to disruption of normal cell functions. It is an electrolyte disturbance. When the sodium levels in the blood become lower than normal, extra waters enters the cells resulting to cell swelling. The most difficult complication may arise from swelling in the brain, where it is confined […]