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Management of scorpion stings

Scorpion stings are very painful and considered highly dangerous to children. Scorpions can sting more than once. Scorpions are member of the arachnida class and related to spiders, ticks and mites. Scorpions have 2 pinchers, 8 legs and an elongated body and a tail with segments. Scorpion ranges from about 9-21 cm in which some […]

How to deal with dizziness

Dizziness involves a range of sensations such as feeling faint, woozy, unsteady and weak. Dizziness makes a false sensation that the surroundings are spinning or moving which is also called vertigo. Symptoms of dizziness A feeling similar to floating, wooziness or heavy-headedness A false sense of motion or spinning or vertigo Loss of balance or […]

How to treat fluid in the ears

Fluid in the ears can lead to painful infection, loss of hearing, disruption in balance and even diarrhea or vomiting. Fluids can build up in the Eustachian tube which is part of the inner ear. Causes of fluid in the ears Infection of the sinus Allergies Colds Infected or overgrown adenoids Environmental irritants Excess saliva […]

Remedy for chafing

Chafing occurs when the skin rubs repeatedly against other skin or clothing where it becomes red, irritated and painful. This condition becomes worse with sweating and being overweight. The friction increases with heat, humidity, excessive pressure, dryness and cold. Chafing can occur anywhere in the body such as the nipples, thighs, groins, underarm and neck […]