Archive | February, 2017

Dealing with back strain

A back strain is one of the common musculoskeletal injuries when the human spine cannot accommodate certain activities and behaviors such as playing sports, sitting for long periods of time and performing repetitive actions. The common area of the spine that is susceptible to strain is the lumbar or the lower region because it bears […]

Treating a blood blister

A blood blister is due to trauma on the skin where the blood vessel found under the skin becomes damaged such as a very strong pinching. The blisters are red bumps filled with fluid and cause severe pain when touched. What are the causes? Accidents where the skin is pinched by a tool, mechanism or […]

Dealing with hand-foot-and-mouth disease

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is a mild and contagious viral infection usually common in young children. It is characterized by sores in the mouth and development of rashes in the hands and feet. This disease is caused by coxsackievirus. Hand-foot-and-mouth disease affects children below 10 years. Children in day care centers are prone to this condition. The […]

Dealing with the flu

The flu is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system. It causes a mild severe illness and sometimes can result to death. Flu is highly contagious and usually spread through coughing, sneezing of an infected person and also touching or shaking of hands. Adults are usually contagious in 1-2 days before the symptoms can […]