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Treating a soccer toe

A soccer toe or “turf toe” involves a severely bruised toe or sprained ligaments in the foot. The injury is caused by repeated impacts against the soccer ball and severe contortion of the ligaments during the game. Soccer toe happens when the ligaments found behind big toe are hyperextended due to falls in the field, […]

Remedies for skier’s thumb

Skier’s thumb is a prevalent condition that causes damage or ripping of the ligaments, joint capsule as well as the cartilage of the thumb. Compression or stretching forces are placed on the joints of the thumb when performing certain movements. Unnecessary forces such as overuse or heavy force can result to injury to the joint […]

How to deal with patellar tendinitis

Patellar tendinitis is injury to the tendon that links the kneecap to the shinbone. The patellar tendon and the muscles found at the anterior of the thigh function in extending the knee for running, kicking and jumping. Patellar tendinitis is also common among athletes performing frequent jumping such as in volleyball and basketball. Nevertheless, people […]

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition characterized by rigidity and pain in the joint of the shoulder. The symptom gradually happens and eventually becomes worse over time and heals within 1-3 years. A high risk of developing the condition is while recuperating from a condition or procedure that limits the movement of the […]