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fire ant stings

Remedies for fire ant stings

Fire ant stings causes plenty of inconvenience and turn outdoor activities into unhappiness within a few seconds. Fire ants attack people in groups and they sting in clusters. The toxic venom produced by the fire ants causes a burning sensation. Symptoms of fire ant stings Difficulty in swallowing or throat, tongue and lips are swelling […]

lower leg contusion

Treating lower leg contusion

A lower leg contusion is a blunt, crushing injury to the ankle, leg or foot which result to a break in the skin. Generally, a contusion causes to the skin and underlying soft tissues. Blood can seep out of the injured small vessels of blood or capillaries and accumulates in the surrounding tissues and develops […]

poison oak

Remedies for poison oak

Poison oak is also called western poison oak or pacific poison oak. The stem, leaves and roots contains urushiol which is a toxic chemical. Direct contact with the plant and inhaling smoke from a burning plant can cause an allergic reaction. An initial reaction begins when the poisonous substance enters the skin or through the […]


How to treat periostitis

Periostitis is the inflammation of the periosteum. Generally, it is a thick, fibrous vascular membrane that covers the bones. It is comprised of an exterior coating of collagenous tissue that contains fat cells and an interior layer of fine elastic fibers. The condition causes tenderness, inflammation and swelling in one or more bones. It usually […]

cockroach allergy

How to treat cockroach allergy

Cockroach allergy is caused by the feces, saliva and bodies of these insects. Generally, cockroaches have a protein that is an allergen to people. An allergen is a substance that causes an allergic reaction. Even dead cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions. People with severe bronchial asthma are more susceptible to cockroach allergy. In addition, individuals […]

antral ulcers

Treatment for antral ulcers

Antral ulcers are chronic and open sores that develop on the lining of the lower stomach. It is due to damage in the inner lining of the lowest area of the stomach called the antrum. Generally, the human stomach is filled with acid for digestion. The acid cannot damage the inner lining of the stomach […]