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Shock: Types, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and First Aid Management

Shock is a fatal condition that results from the body not getting enough blood that is commonly characterized by hypotension requiring immediate medical help. Shock is a life-threatening condition that roots from the body not getting enough blood supply, which can damage the organs of the body. The blood carries the oxygen and other essential […]

The Major Provider of First Aid and CPR Certifications in Canada

Experiencing emergencies in the workplace, at home, or at school can be frightening for almost all people especially when it involves someone that you know. Responding to emergencies promptly is not the just the job of 911 respondents or EMS personnel. The immediate bystander who witnessed the incident should be the first one to attend to […]

On Line CPR Courses

CPR is one of the most popular emergency care treatments. This treatment is usually administered to people that suffer cardiac arrest. The person providing the CPR treatment aids an accident victim to breath by blowing air into their lungs. Compressions might be required if the victim does not have a pulse. The main purpose of the […]

First Aid Towards a Better Prognosis

Accidents and other life threatening situations occur every second of each day. While it is true that the healthcare developments have advanced in a such a way to address these kinds of situations promptly, first aid training will still come in handy for everyone. For healthcare professionals, first aid comes as a basic requirement and skill […]

Managing Choking Victim

Choking refers to any obstruction of the upper airway. It can be classified either as partial obstruction or complete obstruction. Choking may occur in both conscious and unconscious individuals. Some of the common causes of choking include: Complete relaxation of airway muscles that lead to unconsciousness Inhalation of any foreign body that has lodged in […]

What Your Should Know About Water-Related Accidents

As a general rule, do not attempt to initiate water rescue unless you have adequate training and an experienced swimmer. Except for open, shallow waters with uniform floor line or shallow swimming pools, the potential dangers faced during water rescue are too dangerous and too great for any untrained person or poor swimmer to attempt. […]

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