The best CPR training in Las Vegas

First Aid Treatment

Use a clean piece of gauze to stem the bleeding from an open wound. You can secure the gauze with medical tape or a bandage for support.

Las Vegas is home to the biggest casino industry in the world. The city is perfect for a weekend getaway or a night out on the town. With parties happening left and right, accidents are more often than not very common in and out of the casinos. The city’s EMTs are usually busy in the evenings when most people tend to go out to drink and have fun. However, EMTs may not always get to a place on time – this is where you, the trained rescuer – comes in.

The rescuers we train at Las Vegas CPR are prepared for whatever emergency he or she encounters. They specialize primarily in cardiovascular emergencies but are also trained to give basic first aid for a variety of major and minor injuries. All of our programs emphasize training in CPR and first aid so you are sure to become a well-rounded rescuer with them. Choose one from five of our programs and begin your training today.

Enrollment and signing up for training

Compared to our competitors, we offer our students a wide variety of ways to enroll for training. The most popular method among our trainees is on the Las Vegas CPR website. You can use the online application form to send in your program and personal details before starting training. The form is available all day and can be filled out at any time. Similarly, e-mails can also be sent at any time of the day. Trainees who want to enroll in person or inquire about something over the telephone are encouraged to do so during regular business hours.

Getting certified

Drainage dressing for managing burns

Sterile pieces of gauze are typically packaged individually or in several pieces. Clean pieces of gauze can be found in rolls or boxes.

All of the programs at Las Vegas CPR are certification programs. Once you pass the exam at the end of the program and have complete attendance, we will award you with a certificate that is valid for two years. We will require you to sign up for re-certification programs before the credential expires so you can renew it for an additional two years. However, in the case that your certificate expires, you will have to retake the entire training program and will no longer be qualified for re-certification training.

CPR training: Basic and Advanced Life Support

We have a total of eight training programs at Las Vegas CPR – a number that cannot be beat by other providers in the city. The breakdown of our training programs are as follows:

Basic Life Support

  • Heartsaver CPR and AED – general public, 4 hours
  • Heartsaver CPR and AED C – healthcare providers, 4.5 hours
  • Basic Life Support for HCPs – healthcare providers, 4.5 hours

Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support – healthcare providers, 16 hours (2 days)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support – healthcare providers, 14 hours (2 days)


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