Canadian First Aid Courses in Ottawa

Ottawa First Aid is the largest, most experienced and lowest priced provider of St Mark James certification lessons in Ottawa, Ontario. This provider has been offering popular training courses in Ottawa for over 5 years. Various courses are available including safety training, WHMIS, Food Handling and St Mark James programs such as standard, emergency and childcare first aid. All first aid classes including certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED)’s.  Registration is remarkably easy and can be completed via telephone, email or on-line.  Use the contact information provided below to register for St Mark James Canadian first aid courses in Ottawa and learn the valuable skills to save a life.

How To Contact This Provider?

Red Cross First Aid and CPR Classroom in Toronto
Canadian First Aid Courses in Ottawa

To contact this basic life support and St Mark James provider use the following information

Customer service representatives are available to help you during regular business hours (7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Sunday).

What can Ottawa First Aid offer you?

  • Enrolment at Ottawa First Aid is incredible easy and hassle-free. Trainees can complete their enrolment on the Ottawa First Aid website, where an on-line application form and a complete list of offered classes is available.
  • Trainees are also encouraged to complete their registration via e-mail, telephone call, or walk-in during business hours at any of Ottawa First Aid’s training centers.
  • Course rates for all offered classes are the lowest in the area. Rates include taxes, certification fees, and training manuals so trainees don’t have to worry about additional fees during training.
  • Full refunds are given to trainees who drop out, provided a 72-hour notice was given beforehand.
  • Trainees can enrol in full training courses for CPR, stand-alone classes, private classes, and re-certification / refresher courses.
  • All classes are held in high-end training facilities, taught by St Mark James certified instructors.
  • All training facilities have spacious classrooms that are complete with the latest training equipment for CPR training.

CPR Training Courses

AED Trainer for First Aid and CPR
AED trainer with adult pads

CPR training courses are available in three levels (“A”, “C” or “HCP”) and include training in the use of AED’s. The CPR level “A” is the most basic course and requires approximately 4 hours to complete. CPR level “C” is a more comprehensive course and required 5 hours to complete.  CPR Level “HCP” offers comprehensive CPR and AED training for Canadian health-care providers and requires participants to attend for 6 hours.

Life Support Courses

Three life support courses are available including:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Combined First Aid and CPR Courses

The following comprehensive first aid and CPR courses are available:

  • WSIB approved standard first aid, CPR and AED
  • WSIB approved standard childcare first aid, CPR and AED
  • WSIB approved emergency first aid, CPR and AED
  • Babysitting training
  • Marine first aid

Other Courses Available:

  • Food handling certification
  • TDG
  • Fire Safety
  • H2S Alive
  • MSDS
  • Confined Space Entry

To register for a course or to inquire about classes available to you use the contact information posted above.

Did You Know?

In the case of a knocked out tooth…

  • Handle the tooth by the crown, NOT by the root.
  • tooth pain lost tooth
    Learn to manage missing teeth by enrolling in a course near you.

    DO NOT rub the tooth to clean it. You may damage the surface.

  • Rinse tooth cheap replica breitling in a bowl of tap water. DO NOT run water over it.
  • If the tooth fell completely out, try to put it back in the socket. Bite down on it with a piece of gauze or a moist tea bag to help keep the tooth in place.
  • If the tooth can’t fit back into the gums, place it in milk/your own saliva/mild saltwater solution (1 ml salt to 1 liter of water).
  • Visit your dentist.

Learn how to recognize and manage victims with broken teeth by enrolling in Canadian standard first aid and CPR courses in Ottawa, Ontario today.