Canadian First Aid Courses in Winnipeg

Winnipeg First Aid, a St Mark James training provider, offer’s trainees the best certification courses in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This provider offers combined first aid and CPR classes as well as CPR “only” classes for participants that do not require or wish to have any first aid certification. All classes use the latest equipment including automated external defibrillator (AED) trainers that mimic the sounds and re-actions of a actual AED. Participants that register for a Canadian standard or emergency first aid course in Winnipeg will have the option of selecting from a variety of CPR level’s to partner with the course. Participants can select either CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” to partner with the course. Re-certification classes, courses designed for participants that need to renew awards, are also available with this provider.

All prices displayed at this provider are the lowest in the region and include all taxes and certification fee’s so you will not be surprised with any hidden fees or costs. Get certified and learn to save a life by taking Canadian first aid courses in Winnipeg, Manitoba by using the contact information below.


Winnipeg Training Classroom
Canadian First Aid Courses in Winnipeg

To contact Winnipeg First Air or register for a St Mark James training program, use the following details:

Trainees can enrol on the Winnipeg First Aid website, where a complete list of classes and an on-line application form is available. E-mails, telephone calls, and walk-ins during business hours are highly encouraged by the Winnipeg First Aid staff.

This training location is conveniently located near down-town Winnipeg, within walking distance to private parking and public transportation. For more information about this location check out the map below.

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List of Course Prices

Stomach Problems Stomach Pains
Trainees enrolled in first aid classes will learn how to manage stomach pain and abdominal injuries.

Winnipeg First Aid is committed to offering the lowest prices for all training programs in Manitoba. Rates include taxes, certification fees, and training manuals.

  • Emergency First Aid and CPR – 73.99
  • Standard First Aid and CPR – 108.99
  • Emergency First Aid Re-Certification – 53.99
  • Standard First Aid Re-Certification – 63.99
  • CPR level “A” – 48.99
  • CPR level “C” – 48.99
  • CPR level “HCP” – 48.99

Trainees who drop out are entitled to full refunds, provided a 72-hour notice is given beforehand. For private course prices, contact Winnipeg First Aid using the details posted above.

CPR Certification Classes

Practising effective CPR and airway management in HCP courses
Learn basic life support and CPR techniques through CPR HCP training.

Winnipeg First Aid has the largest selection of St Mark James certification programs in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Combine first aid, CPR and AED courses and refresher courses are available to trainees for enrolment. Trainees can choose to enrol in stand-alone classes for CPR and AED as well.

CPR training courses are available in three levels, depending on the certification you need. All levels include basic first aid and AED training. AEDs are machines that can detect heart rhythms and apply needed shock to restart the heart.

Groups of any size can also choose to enrol in private classes. To register or to inquire about a private course at your facility or the Winnipeg First Aid classroom use the contact information provided above.

Trainees who are able to pass their enrolled course are awarded a training certificate from St Mark James, valid for three years throughout Canada for whatever purpose they may serve the trainee. Refresher courses for trainees with expiring certification are also available (ensure that you meet required prerequisites prior to registering).

Facilities and Instructors

All classes are taught by St Mark James certified instructors in high-end training classrooms. All rooms are spacious and well-maintained, and are equipped with the latest training equipment.

Did You Know?

Basic Life Support

The Chain of Survival in the 2010 Basic Life Support Guidelines are:

  1. Recognizing cardiac arrest
  2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  3. Defibrillation
  4. Advanced life support
  5. Post-cardiac arrest care

Basic and advanced life support courses are also available with this training provider in Winnipeg. Advanced life support courses include pediatric and cardiac divisions.

Become a part of the chain of survival by enrolling in St Mark James Canadian first aid courses in Winnipeg, Manitoba Today.