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Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition characterized by rigidity and pain in the joint of the shoulder. The symptom gradually happens and eventually becomes worse over time and heals within 1-3 years. A high risk of developing the condition is while recuperating from a condition or procedure that limits the movement of the […]

How to manage heel spurs

Heel spurs forms as an abnormal growth in the heel bone and formation of calcium deposits when the plantar fascia disconnects from the heel area and result to the bony protrusion or development of heel spurs. The heel bone is the bone found in the foot and responsible for absorbing shock and pressure.  The plantar […]

Extensor tendonitis

Extensor tendinitis involves the inflammation of the extensor tendons which is found along the top of the foot and responsible for straightening the toes. The pain caused by this condition can be felt on the top of the foot. This occurs when the tendons or the cord-like attachments of muscles to bones is inflamed and irritated […]

Sprained ankle

A sprained ankle is basically an injury that involves twisting, turning or rolling the ankle in an uncomfortable manner. This can cause stretching or tearing of the durable bands of tissue or ligaments that function in supporting the ankle bones. The ligaments help in stabilizing the joints and prevent excessive movement. A sprained ankle typically […]

Medical Aid For a Strained Muscle

A strained muscle is often termed a pulled muscle because the physiological cause why a muscle is strained is due to the overstretching of the muscle beyond the elasticity point. A muscle strain can become a very painful injury. It can produce significant discomfort that prevents the person from carrying out movements without feeling soreness, […]

First Aid for Back Pain

Back pain is often caused by: Poor posture Wrong method of walking Not wearing proper footwear Prolonged sitting—especially due to sedentary work Strained muscles Sleeping or resting on soft mattresses Stress and anxiety Pregnancy Constipation Bladder, kidney or prostate disorders Treatment Back pain caused due to injury can be alleviated by simply resting and allowing […]