Canadian First Aid Courses in Red Deer

Canadian First Aid Courses in Red Deer

Canadian First Aid Courses in Red Deer

How would you handle an emergency situation if a loved one was laying on the floor as you come home from work? What if your spouse is clenching his or her chest in pain? Would you know what to do? Participants that register for Alberta OH&S approved first aid and CPR courses with Red Deer First Aid will learn the latest American Heart Association and ILCOR rescue techniques. Participants enrolled in two day OH&S approved standard first aid, CPR and AED courses will learn to manage emergencies such as anphylaxis, heart attacks, angina, stroke, T.I.A’s, embedded objects, deadly bleeding, pneumothorax, hypothermia, frost bite, choking, burns, diabetic emergencies, poisonings and many more. Participants will also learn to stay safe during emergencies and learn effective methods of using barrier devices to prevent disease transmission. Learn from the best provider of first aid courses at the lowest prices by enrolling in a course using the contact information provided below.

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To register for a Alberta OH&S approved first aid and / or CPR course or to inquire about other services and training provided with Red Deer First Aid use the following contact information:

The training centre is located in the heart of down-town Red Deer. Free parking and public transit options are available.

Certification Programs and First Aid Services Available

Training and lecture room

Training and lecture room

Several courses are available for participants looking for first aid, CPR and AED training. Here are some of the popular options:

First Aid Tensor Bandage

The tensor can be used to immobilize injured body parts or keep dressings in place.

Standard first aid – this is the most popular two-day Alberta OH&S approved course that includes CPR and AED training. Certification is valid for 3 years.

Emergency first aid – this is a popular one day course that also includes CPR and AED training.

Childcare first aid – this course provides OH&S approved certification and is designed for individuals that work in the childcare industry. Participants will learn about topics such as fever’s, infections and shaking baby syndrome.

Other Courses Available

  • Babysitting Training
  • WHMIS Training
  • MSDS Training
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Life Support (ACLS)
  • Fire Safety

Other Services Available

  • First aid attendant rentals
  • Consulting
  • First Aid Supplies

About Red Deer First Aid

  • Enrolment at Red Deer First Aid is incredible easy and hassle-free. Trainees can complete their enrolment on the Red Deer First Aid website, where an on-line application form and a complete list of offered classes is available.
  • Teachers are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They are dedicated teachers that will make the experience enjoyable, educational and memorable.
  • This provider proudly offers the lowest prices with no hidden fees. Visit the website to view the upcoming schedule and a price list.
  • Full refunds are given to trainees who drop out, provided a 72-hour notice was given beforehand.
  • Re-certification classes are available for participants that want to keep their awards current and attend shorter and cheaper classes.
  • All classes are held in high-end training facilities, taught by Alberta OH&S approved and certified instructors.
  • All training facilities have spacious classrooms that are complete with the latest training equipment for CPR training.

Did You Know?

Spinal injury

Suspect a spinal injury if the victim:

  • Has a head injury, especially the back of the head and he or she has been knocked unconscious
  • Has severe pain in the back of the head and neck
  • Experiences weakness, numbness, and/or paralysis
  • Has no control over bladder or bowel
  • Obvious deformity of torso/back and neck

If any of these signs and symptoms are present, DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM. If you need to open his airway, stabilize the head and open the mouth by thrusting the jaw downwards. Call for emergency medical help immediately after victim has been stabilized.