Canadian First Aid Courses in Toronto

Learn to help victims of heart attacks, stroke, angina, seizures, poisonings, hypothermia, dislocations, fractures, concussions, deadly bleeding, trauma, sprains, strains, shock, and more by enrolling in Ontario WSIB approved Canadian first aid courses in Toronto. Toronto First Aid offers a number of courses including two day standard first aid, one day emergency first aid and half day courses for certifications that include CPR level “A”, “C”, “HCP” and Basic Life Support (BLS). Some awards are also available for re-certification. On-line classes are also available for programs such as workplace hazardous material information system (WHMIS), transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), fire safety, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and more. Registration for any course can be completed using a variety of methods including those posted below. Strengthen your resume, boost your confidence and learn the latest life saving skills by registering for a Canadian first aid course with Toronto First Aid.

First aid classes will teach trainees how to manage different injuries such as sprains.

First aid classes will teach trainees how to manage different injuries such as sprains.

Contacting This Provider

Use the following information to contact this WISB approved training provider in Toronto:

Friendly customer service agents are available to help with questions, registrations or concerns 7 days per week.

Ontario WSIB Certification

All certifications for standard, childcare and emergency first aid and CPR courses  meet workplace requirements in Ontario. These awards are valid for 3 years throughout Canada.

Why Register with Toronto First Aid?

Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should register with this Toronto provider:

  1. The prices! Nobody offers WSIB approved and stand-alone CPR classes for a lower price.
  2. The sheer number of courses available with this provider easily beats out the competition. You will find a course that meets your schedule when you register with them.
  3. This provider has outstanding reviews for its course quality, prices and teachers. Reviews are available throughout the internet
  4. The instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and fun. The teachers make classes fun and interactive and avoid the dry lecture components.
  5. Having a comfortable learning environment is important to this provider. Classrooms are conveniently located and are clean and well maintained.
Canadian First Aid Courses in Toronto

Canadian First Aid Courses in Toronto

What Are People Saying About This Provider?

I had a great class with Toronto First Aid. The prices drew me in and the amazing teachers is what is making me write this review. Angela was great! She made the class fun and interactive. The scenarios and life-like training she provided really helped me build my confidence in knowing what to do during an emergency. – Jennifer M

Our company needed a new provider to train our staff. Toronto First Aid was courteous professional and provided prices that were extremely competitive. They have great customers service.

Refresher Courses

For trainees who want to renew expiring or near-expiry certification, refresher courses are offered at Toronto First Aid at least twice a week. Certificates for first aid, CPR, and AED that are valid for 3 years are awarded to trainees who are able to successfully complete a training course.

Did You Know?

Basic First Aid

During an accident or if you find someone injured, remember these important preliminary steps before attempting first aid:

  1. Assess the environment for any potential dangers to you and the victim. If the victim is near a fire or in the middle of the road, move him or her to a place of safety. Assure that the victim is safe and comfortable.
  2. Call your local emergency number for an ambulance.
  3. Perform basic first aid that the victim needs.

Keep yourself safe is the primary step in providing care to a victim. Stay safe so that you will not become a victim.