First Aid and CPR Courses

Why is First Aid and CPR Training so Important?

CPR and first aid are essential skills that anyone should have. Some people overlook the need to have basic medical care skills, yet this can be an important step to make that could actually save lives. There is no telling when a serious accident can occur. In fact, you never know when an emergency might come up that requires you to offer first aid to a close family member or even a total stranger.  Unfortunately, paramedics and medical staff are not always there to help in times of tragedy. This makes CPR and first aid training so important.

First Aid and CPR Training courses in Kelowna

First Aid and CPR Training courses in Kelowna

It is usually sad when someone loses their life just because they did not get immediate medical care at the right time. Of course, such situations can be avoided if other people with basic first aid training are around to help. The good news is that becoming a certified first aider is not difficult. One simply needs to take a CPR or emergency medical care course. Nowadays, many training institutions provide CPR and first aid training. You can opt to take an online course, or register for classes with a local St Mark James first aid training provider. The training duration usually spans a few weeks, but this will depend on the type of course one chooses to take.

Keep in mind that there are many types of first aid training courses. Some programs are more generic, while others focus on providing specialized care to specific accident victims. For instance, a stay at home mom with an infant might want to take a baby and child first aid course, while marine first aid training is more suitable for those working in professions that require them to be around water bodies all the time. However, there are general courses that equip first aiders with all the basic skills they need to attend to all kinds of accident victims.

Besides saving lives, having CPR and first aid training can help you to have an edge over other job candidates while looking for employment. This not only applies to those looking for jobs in the medical field, but also to other professions as well. Many organizations are glad to know that there are certified first aiders interested in filling vacant positions. This is often the case with hazardous jobs, which require trained first aid individuals to be around in times of accidents. Therefore, having first aid training can actually add value to your resume.