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Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath or dyspnea is characterized by difficulty in taking a breath. It is hard, uncomfortable and causes pain when breathing. There are periods that there is not enough air to breath. The person becomes short of breath due to smoking, activity, lung condition and sometimes happens with no known cause. Causes of shortness […]


Folliculitis is a bacterial infection of the follicles of hair which causes itchiness, blistering, oozing rash and pain in one or more of the infected follicles. Folliculitis can be due to a variety of pathogens that can become severe. A pathogen is anything that can cause a disease such as a bacterium which is a […]

Epidermoid cysts

Epidermoid cysts are benign, firm sacs that develops in the skin and can sometimes forms a dome-shaped bump that is attached to the epidermis that can move over underlying tissues. It forms usually on the face, shoulder, neck and the chest and develops at any age. This condition is not contagious but when they become […]


Mumps is a viral infection that usually affects the parotid glands which are the 3 pairs of salivary glands found at the back of the cheek and the area between the jaw and the ear. Children between the ages 5 to 15 years old and even adults can be affected by this condition. The virus […]

CPR Baby Manikin

Management of Infant Health Problems

Parents of infants face many challenges and problems along the way. Parents need some adjustment for the unique characteristics of their child, especially for those first time parents.  Some parental concerns and problems are not recognized to be part of the normal infant health development. Thus, parents may need reassurance and answers to their questions […]

Medical Aid For a Strained Muscle

A strained muscle is often termed a pulled muscle because the physiological cause why a muscle is strained is due to the overstretching of the muscle beyond the elasticity point. A muscle strain can become a very painful injury. It can produce significant discomfort that prevents the person from carrying out movements without feeling soreness, […]

The Major Provider of First Aid and CPR Certifications in Canada

Experiencing emergencies in the workplace, at home, or at school can be frightening for almost all people especially when it involves someone that you know. Responding to emergencies promptly is not the just the job of 911 respondents or EMS personnel. The immediate bystander who witnessed the incident should be the first one to attend to […]

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