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Tularemia is a serious disease of animals and human caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis and is susceptible in humans, rabbits, hares and rodents. Ticks and deer flies are the primary vectors of tularemia. But it can cause infection through skin contact with infected animals, ingestion of contaminated water, laboratory exposure or inhalation of contaminated […]

Erythema Nodosum

Erythema nodosum is a condition of the skin which is characterized by sudden eruption of red, tender bumps especially on the shins. It occurs when there is inflammation in the deeper portions of the skin like the adipose or the fatty layer of the skin. It can occur in conjunction with other underlying medical conditions […]

First Aid Treatment and Management for Vaginitis

Vaginitis is a medical term used to describe a range of conditions that involves the inflammation or infection of the vagina. It leads to foul-smelling discharge and itchiness and pain in the vaginal area. These are primarily caused by fungal infection but can also be caused by other microorganisms. Certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can […]

Joint Dislocation

A joint dislocation is a condition in which the articular surface of the bones forming the joint is no longer anatomically in contact. The bones are literally out of its intended socket. A “subluxation” is a partial dislocation of the articulating surface and a more serious dislocation injury, traumatic dislocations are orthopedic emergencies because the […]

First Aid Hygiene

First aid hygiene is a must in all cases of first aid scenarios to protect and minimize risks of infection both to the victim and the first aider. First aid hygiene is a must in all cases of first aid scenarios. In all cases where a person provides first aid, the first aider should be […]

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Severe acute respiratory syndrome is caused by a virus, officially named SARS-Cov. Its incubation period is 2 to 10 days. People at high risk of acquiring this virus include health care workers who have had unprotected exposure to the virus through unsuspecting patients with SARS. The Severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in 2003 was not […]

Principles on the Use of Splints

Bone injuries, such as fractures and dislocation, require immediate first aid treatment. Many accidents often lead to broken bones, so it is important that first aiders know how to manage these first aid situation. One of the primary goals in the management of fracture is the reduction of swelling. To achieve this goal, the PRICE […]

How to Appease Burn Degrees

Known as the largest organ in the body, the skin is the body’s outer covering in humans. Its multiple layers safeguard the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs from the external environment. It is the protective barrier whose primary role is to defend the body against pathogens and prevent excessive loss of water. Its […]

MEASLES Causes and Symptoms

Measles is a viral disease that is very contagious and it spreads through the respiratory tract either directly or through aerosol transmission. Ninety percent of people who don’t have immunity to the virus causing measles have the possibility of catching it if living with an infected person. It usually begins with a fever for how […]