What Are The Elements Of A First Aid Program?

First Aid Training Room For a large Organization

First Aid Training Room For a large Organization

There are a number of training centers where individuals can get their first aid training, but what happens when you need to carry out training for a large group of persons as is the case with getting an ideal first aid program for the workplace? The procedure is the same. Only that the program takes a different angle to cater for the emerging dynamics. Indeed, first aid programs must be custom-made to suit the culture of the workplace.

The reason for this is that the needs of a company in the textile industry would be very different from the needs of a company that deals with immigration services. What’s more, even within the company, it is not uncommon to find companies where different departments will undergo different forms of training. To know what to deal with, it is imperative to take note of the elements that constitute a first aid program. Discussed below are the elements that make up this integral program as well as details that are relevant to the same.

i)                    Methods of teaching used during the training

The choice of teaching method is determined by a number of factors, but chiefly the following:

–          Having the trainees show their skills with the use of mannequins. If possible, it is best to pair up the trainees so that they get the advantage of partner practice as a fundamental part of the first aid program.

–          The availability of first aid supplies as well as the necessary equipment needed.

–          Making emphatic changes on dynamic conditions especially because there are changes in the industry with every passing day.

–          Placing emphasis on interactions with the students in situations to simulate real-life conditions.

ii)                   The preparation of health emergency responses

The first aid program must give clear insight into the following aspects as far as emergency response is concerned:

–          Prevention as a form of response is a tact that is very effective in ensuring that the control of disease and injuries is easily kept under control.

–          Promoting interaction with the EMS system within the locality

–          Keeping a handy list of emergency contacts and making sure it is accessible by all employees.

iii)                 Carrying out an assessment of the victim as well as the scene of the accident

–          This is done primarily to ensure the safety of the first aider, and is one of the golden rules of the first aid program.

–          In line with this, the first aid giver must also be able to prioritize the care that they give to the injured.

iv)                 Response to potentially fatal and life threatening injuries

–          Employees need to be aware of how to administer CPR as well as how to use the AED properly. In line with this, trainees must also be able to check for the victim’s responsiveness.

–          In some cases, it is vital to have an understanding of the place of rescue breaths.

–          In conditions which are not life threatening, trainees need to learn to give basic first aid.

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