Risk Factors for Seniors: Falling

When it comes to taking care of seniors, people often forget that they are more prone to falling and that the injuries which seniors can acquire from this type of accident can be devastating. This is why the hospital admission rate for seniors who have sustained injuries due to falling is very high. People fail to realize that there are a lot of risk factors which can increase the likelihood of falls and other injuries for senior citizens. By knowing these risk factors and how to manage injuries when they happen, individuals will be able to understand why taking first aid courses can help them take better care of senior citizens. Here are some of the risk factors of falling for senior citizens.

Balance and Gait Problems

According to a study that was conducted by healthcare professionals and researchers in the Lebanese HealthCare Management Association in Lebanon, the velocity and muscular strength of humans go down by 15% per decade. This decline is associated with the normal weakening of the muscles which are responsible for walking, balance and gait. Macular degeneration or the gradual loss of one’s sight is also cited as one of the main causes of balance and gait problems in the elderly population.

Medications for Sleeping Problems Cause Balance and Gait Disturbances

Medications for Sleeping Problems Cause Balance and Gait Disturbances


In order for senior citizens to maintain a high quality of life despite their aging bodies, doctors often prescribe medications which patients should take regularly. However, some of these medications can cause visual and balance disturbances. Medications that are meant to induce sleep or improve the quality of one’s sleep are one of the most common culprits of falling for seniors since they can cause drowsiness and lethargy which can make it harder for seniors to find their balance.

Other Medical Problems

Numerous medical conditions can cause sight, gait, balance and posture disturbances in senior citizens. One of the most common medical conditions which can cause these types of disturbances is stroke. Stroke can cause brain damage which can inhibit seniors and other stroke patients from finding their balance. Stroke can also cause the onset of involuntary movements which can make it harder for patients to walk in a straight line or even to stand.

Considering that many of these risk factors are unavoidable, taking Canadian first aid courses is a must for individuals who are taking care of their elderly. Through first aid courses, individuals will learn how to handle patients who have just fallen off the stairs or those who suddenly lost their balance. They will also learn how to handle patients who have sustained bone fractures and other skeletal injuries due to the aforementioned risk factors.


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