Fall-related Injury Statistics for Seniors

Even though it is common knowledge that senior citizens are at higher risk for acquiring skeletal injuries due to accidents such as falls because of the inevitable effects of aging, there are still those who think that taking Canadian first aid courses are unnecessary. This is because they think that the affected population is not that high and that the repercussions of these injuries are not life-threatening. However, the truth is that millions of Canadian senior citizens are affected by these injuries and that its effects are gravely debilitating.

using a Sling to Manage Bone Fractures Due to Falls

using a Sling to Manage Bone Fractures Due to Falls

How many Canadians are affected?

According to the statistics that was released by the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls are the leading causes of hospitalization of Canadians who are 65 years old and above. It has been revealed that the injuries that were obtained by more than 85% of senior citizens who have been sent to hospitals and other healthcare institutions were caused by falls. It has also been revealed that most of the people who visit hospitals and other healthcare institutions for skeletal injuries are senior citizens. This means that there are millions of senior citizens in Canada who suffer from skeletal injuries due to falls.

Are senior citizens really at a higher risk?

By analyzing the number of Canadians who are treated at hospitals and other institutions for fall-related skeletal injuries in each age groups, it was determined by researchers that senior citizens are nine times more likely to suffer from these types of injuries. Aside from the inevitable signs of aging such as loss of balance and tremors, the medications that senior citizens need to take on a daily basis also plays a part in the development of these injuries. This means that regardless of their overall heath condition, senior citizens are still more likely to develop skeletal injuries.

How serious are these injuries?

In the same study, it was revealed that 90% of hip fractures in senior citizens are caused by falls and that out of all the seniors who fall, only 5% come out with minor injuries while 25% end up suffering from major health complications.

These statistics show that the majority of seniors who suffer from falls should be taken care of by someone who has taken first aid courses. This ensures that proper first aid measures are applied once the patient is sent home. Considering that many patients are sent home with serious injuries, first aid is a must. Taking Canadian first aid courses is also advisable for individuals who meet and mingle with senior citizens regularly.



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