Explaining Differences Between Dermatology And A Dermatologist

A dermatologist is basically an expert in dermatology. These are the doctors that help with skin problems. Dermatology is therefore the science of studying, diagnosis and treatment of the ailments of the skin, hair and nails.

Skin diseases are a common occurrence among people of all ages and social classes. Skin in itself is the largest organ in the entire human system. It is through the skin that humans get to display their good health. The skin is also an important barrier that protects the inner organs against injury and infections by bacteria. It is due to this that the skin gets the unfortunate predicament of getting attacked by infections all the time.

Common skin disorders.

Fifteen percent of the visits to the general practitioners are related to a skin conditions. The conditions that get treated here are of different kinds. Among the common skin disorders are;

In the modern day, dermatology has seen significant improvement in terms of the services offered as well as the level of quality. Skin problems now get more sophisticated treatments that offer more permanent solutions.

The services available include treatments to allergies, Photo testing and phototherapy, Photo patch testing, Dermatologic surgery among other services. These have been made possible by the availability of better machines.

To get good services, one needs to book an appointment with the dermatologists so that the process is not rushed. Before settling for a dermatologist, it is important that one gets to shop around and check out the available options before selecting the right doctor. This helps the individual ensure that he settles with a doctor that offers the best services and at a good price.


Cosmetic dermatology.

Dermatologists have always been part of a number of cosmetic surgeries. Common among many especially women, is the cosmetic surgery known as Botox. This is a technique that is used to reinstate a youthful look of the human skin. Liposuction, blepharoplasty and face lift are services that top the list of services that many seek at the cosmetic dermatologists.

Also notable in the modern day dermatology field is the pediatric dermatology. Doctors qualify to be pediatric dermatologists after completing both dermatology residency and pediatric residency. They get to deal with some of the complex skin conditions that are found in children.

The field of dermatology is one that experience constant shifts in terms of the services offered as well as the manner at which they are done. This is to conform to the ever changing needs in the medical fields. Some drugs do need changes due to the side effects that they may bring to those who use them. To help with these, there is always constant research that goes into improving medication related to skin problems. Some of the lifestyles that people live and the activities that they take part in increase their chances of exposure to elements that could cause skin infections. The chemicals that we use in our homes also pose constant threats to our skins. Precaution should be taken.

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