Seniors: Medical Conditions and Falling

Suffering from a myriad of medical conditions which are largely caused by the ageing process is common for senior citizens regardless of how well they take care of their bodies. This is because the decline in body functions due to aging increase their chances of incurring different types of diseases. Considering that many of these diseases can increase the likelihood of falling for seniors, taking first aid courses is a must for those who are taking care of their elderly. Here are some of the medical conditions that individuals can learn more about by taking Canadian first aid courses.

Applying Bandages for Head Injuries

Applying Bandages for Head Injuries

Head Injuries

Head injuries, whether major or minor, has a high chance of affecting someone’s balance and gait. It can also affect the person’s mood and emotion which can either increase or decrease the likelihood of incurring more injuries due to fall and other types of accidents.

Ear Problems

Because of the fact that the part of the body that is responsible for a person’s balance and gait is located in the ears, it does not come as a surprise that those who are suffering from ear infections and other ear problems may have balance and gait problems as well.

Heart Problems

Patients who suffered from a mild or chronic heart attack or stroke may experience, numbness, tremors, dizziness and loss of balance. This is why patients who have a history of cardiac diseases are at a grater risk for falling. They may also find it hard to perform normal daily tasks such as walking and standing.


If a person’s blood pressure consistently falls below the normal range that is appropriate for his or her age and overall health, he or she most likely has hypotension. Hypotension can cause random bouts of drowsiness which can make the patient more prone to falling at any given time of the day.

Through Canadian first aid courses, individuals will learn about the first aid techniques that should be applied when a patient has suffered from a fatal fall which is highly likely for patients who are diagnosed with the aforementioned diseases. This means that first aid rescuers will be able to lower the fatalities that are caused by falls since they will know how to manage these types of injuries as soon as they occur. Taking Canadian first aid courses also teaches individuals how to handle the other types of injuries and medical problems that can be caused by these health conditions.


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