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Bed sores

Bed sores are cuts, lesions or swelling due to prolonged pressure on any part of the body and usually affects bony regions of the body. Bed sores usually happens on handicapped, disabled, paralyzed or bed ridden people since they are not capable of changing positions frequently. Continuous pressure on specific areas of the body can […]

Explaining Differences Between Dermatology And A Dermatologist

A dermatologist is basically an expert in dermatology. These are the doctors that help with skin problems. Dermatology is therefore the science of studying, diagnosis and treatment of the ailments of the skin, hair and nails. Skin diseases are a common occurrence among people of all ages and social classes. Skin in itself is the […]

Skin tags

Skin tags are small-sized growths on the skin that can develop up to ½ in long. These growths are typically similar in color as your skin or faintly darker. Skin tags are comprised of blood vessels along with collagen fibers that are enclosed by skin. They are connected to the rest of the skin by […]