Shoulder muscle spasm

Pain in the shoulder muscle typically involves spasm and cramps in the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder. The shoulder joints are the most flexible in all the joints of the body and there are a number of muscles, ligaments and tissues that are connected which provides stability for doing certain types of movements.

When there is spasm in any of the muscles of the shoulder, there is decreased mobility of the shoulder. The muscles become rigid and firm and there is involuntary contraction of the muscle along with reduced supply of blood to the affected area and a severe pain in the shoulder.

The pain can be felt on the shoulder only but it can spread further down to the shoulder or the area of the neck. It can be acute or chronic depending on the cause.

Shoulder muscle spasm

The pain can be felt on the shoulder only but it can spread further down to the shoulder or the area of the neck.

Causes of shoulder muscle spasm or crick

  • Crick or spasm in the shoulder can be caused by muscle strain. When the muscles are overstretched or overused, they will cause involuntary spasm. It can also happen in the shoulder muscle, they contract and strain if overstretched beyond certain limits such as engaging in vigorous sports activity then suddenly lifting a heavy weight object. This can cause the shoulder muscles to spasm.
  • The shoulder muscles can be overstretched when extending the hand above the head to reach an object kept at a high area.
  • Dehydration can cause imbalance of electrolytes and body fluid. The deficiency of salts and mineral in the muscles can cause muscle spasm of the shoulder.
  • When a person gets older, their muscles and tissues deteriorate and become neglected to some extent. They lose their strength and even a minor stretch and strain can cause damage to the ligament and muscles. Remember that the muscles of the shoulder are more susceptible strained.
  • A poor sleeping position can compress and strain the shoulder muscles. Poor circulation of blood can cause cramps in the affected shoulder muscles and cause pain and tingling sensation can be felt in the shoulder.

Treatment and home remedies of muscle spasm in shoulder

  • Rest the strained shoulder in order to promote healing of the damaged muscle cells and for faster recovery. Allow the shoulder to rest at 1-2 days and avoid lifting heavy objects and overstretching with the affected hand.
  • Apply alternately cold and hot compress to help relax spasms and for proper blood circulation in the affected shoulder.
  • Increase the intake of fluids in order to prevent dehydration. Drink lemon juice that is mixed with sugar and salt since it helps in replenishing lost electrolytes.
  • Massage the muscles of the shoulder gently using coconut oil. It is the best therapy for cramped muscles and also helps lessen pain and spasm.
  • After a few days, perform mild exercises involving the shoulder muscle in order to improve the range of motion and also make the muscles stronger.


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