What is the first aid for plastic burns?

The first step for the first aid for plastic burns and which will probably come naturally for quite a number of people is to run cold water over the burned area in order to allow it to cool off. Take care not to freeze the affected area as this will only destroy the tissue due to the drastic change of temperatures. Unlike burns resulting from steam, plastic burns will always result in a residual mass that is left even after it has cooled off. It is for this reason that you are not supposed to try to remove this residual mass. The result when you do so is that the plastic gets yanked off alongside with the skin that is attached to it.

So, how do you remove the residual mass once you have administered the first steps of first aid for plastic burns? You will be able to do this effectively by using petroleum jelly at the site of the burn. The petroleum jelly loosens the residual mass of plastic. What’s more, this mass will start to peel off as new skin forms underneath the plastic mass. This will usually take a few days, so until then it is vital not to disturb the burned area. If the burned area still does not heal normally, consult your physician to establish what extra steps must be made in line.

There is the option of using home remedies for those who would love to go natural. The use of this remedy involves applying honey to treat the burn. As part of the natural remedy first aid for plastic burns, pour the honey onto the affected area and spread it over to the surrounding skin. You could use a clear plastic bag to do this to avoid creating a sticky mess. Note that the recommended honey to use for this purpose is that which has been harvested naturally and which contains propolis. Propolis is a naturally occurring compound that includes raw honey, pollen and wax.

This mixture has great ant-bacterial properties, which makes it ideal for treating burns. It also prevents infection of the burn area. To make this remedy effective, wrap the burned area using plastic wrap, but make sure that you leave a layer of honey between the wrap and the skin. You could then wrap a bandage to ensure that the bandage stays in place. This helps to follow up on the procedures carried out for the first aid for plastic burns. Remove the bandage after two days and check whether there is any infection. Typically, there should not be any infection for two reasons: the heat present at the time of the burn causes sterilization, while the honey bandage prevented the entry of bacteria.

At this point, you may eliminate the loose skin. This is easy to do using a pair of tweezers. Do not attempt to remove any skin that is still stuck to allow complete healing. The use of honey is preferred as a method for the first aid for plastic burns.

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